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SMUXploration Crew (SMUX) is a CCA student constituent body in SMUSA that represents the outdoor and adventure wing of SMU. Established in 2000, we are a tight-knit family of 6 teams – Biking, Diving, Kayaking, Skating, Trekking and Xseed.

We offer a wide range of outdoor adventure activities which spans from beginner-friendly explorations to more advanced expeditions. Both members and non-members can take part in signature events and activities hosted by the 6 teams.

SMUX, pronounced as “SMUCKS”, is not to be confused with SMU-X, the experiential learning framework.

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22nd SMUX Management Committee candidates



A play on the words Euphoria + SMUX, Euphorux is SMUX’s introductory event where freshmen get to experience the exciting activities the 6 SMUX teams have to offer. Our 2 day event will expose them to the 6 teams and our SMUX family. It is an opportunity for freshmen to develop camaraderie with their new-found peers.


Singapore’s only skating marathon which draws in large crowds from the public and international fronts yearly.


An collaboration event between the Biking and Kayaking team that aims to provide a two-in-one experience of kayaking and cycling within the same day.

 Back to school dive

An Signature event by the diving team where beginners can get their open water certification and take part in leisure diving activities.

Trekking 101

A summer break event by the Trekking team where participants have a fun day of trekking while learning basic trekking, navigation and camping skills.


Biking Team


The SMUX Biking team seeks to cater to riders of all proficiency levels. By riding to various places in Singapore, we mingle over food, share new experiences with one another and make new friends! Students who join us are casual riders and students who just want to explore our little island together. We are very welcoming, so fret not! You provide the legs, we provide the ride and great experience. 

Basic Biking Proficiency Test (BBPT) for PCN rides, Advanced Biking Proficiency Test (ABPT) for Road rides.
BBPT and ABPT are conducted at the start of each semester.

DIving Team


Live, breathe, beneath with SMUX Diving Team. As the only scuba diving team in SMU, we provide a platform for students to interact, share knowledge, and pursue their passion for the ocean and its marine inhabitants. Our aim is to introduce diving to the uninitiated, sharing the beauty of the underwater and to spread conservation initiatives to the masses through dive events and marine conservation projects.

Swim Certification/Water Proficiency Test (WPT) and Open Water Certification (OWC).
WPT and OWC sessions are conducted at the start of each semester.

Kayaking Team


SMUX Kayaking Team is a family of new and seasoned kayakers who are always looking forward to our next adventure together. As a team, we embark on weekly adventures around PAssion Wave @ Marina Bay, Pasir Ris, Sembawang and many more locations! Our club also seeks to take on expeditions beyond Singapore’s shores. We’ve kayaked in the calm rivers in Perth, scenic waters of Lake Toba and Taiwan as well as white water rafting together with our fellow SMUX Xseed friends!

Water Proficiency Test (WPT)/Swim Certificate for Open Deck Kayaks.
1 Star/2 Stars Kayaking Certification for Closed Deck Kayaks.
WPT sessions are conducted at the start of each semester.
1 Star/2 Stars Kayaking Certification are conducted by external vendors.

skating Team


Whether you’re a pro or have never picked up a pair of skates before, the SMUX Skating team welcome you into the family!  Our weekly Friday sessions have a training segment where we teach beginners how to skate from scratch and give intermediates a space to have some fun and learn new tricks. After training, we bring skaters who are urban-proficient to skate in the city for dinner before skating back to school. Our urban locations vary from week to week, bringing you to signature food spots in Singapore nearby school!

Urban Proficiency Test (UPT).
UPT sessions are conducted at the start of each semester.

Trekking Team


Got an Attitude for Altitude? The SMUX Trekking Team was started as a platform for members passionate about trekking to prepare and build camaraderie for treks together.  Join us on our Wednesday runs or Saturday hikes, to meet new people and get your weekly dose of exercise! We also organise exciting events during the midterm, winter and summer breaks that will bring you and your friends to interesting places around Singapore! Look out for our upcoming orienteering sessions, campfires and even an overseas expedition!

Prerequisite: None

Xseed Team


SMUX Xseed is an outdoor adventure team providing students with a platform to venture into thrilling board-sports such as Cable Skiing, Longboarding, and Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Over the years, we have built a community of outgoing and adventurous individuals who eagerly take part in our regular activities. In addition to our line-up of local regular activities, XSEED also organises overseas expeditions for SMU students to cultivate adventurousness and global exposure. Students will have opportunities to organise and try out new adventure sports which are unavailable in Singapore such as Alpine Sports, ATV Cross Country Riding & White Water Rafting.

Water Proficiency Test (WPT)/Swim Certificate.
WPT sessions are conducted at the start of each semester.