23nd SMUX Management Committee


Danial Isyraf Bin Mohamad Zuraimi

Darryl Lee Chang Teng

Loh Wan Jun

Nabil Bin Hanafiah

Danial Isyraf Bin Mohamad Zuraimi

Darryl Lee Chang Teng

Nabil Bin Hanafiah

Loh Wan Jun

Why do you want to run for SMUX MC?

The reason I am running for MC is because I enjoyed myself in SMUX during my time as Safety and Training in SMUX Trekking thus I hope to be given the opportunity to ensure everyone in SMUX as a whole are enjoying themselves as well. The goal would be for all of us to be a well-knitted community!

Key Contributions in SMUX

Safety and Training for SMUX Trekking. Involved in the preparation of every trek event. Chair of Midnight Hike 2023.

It is with great pleasure to write this letter of testimonial for Danial Isyraf Bin Mohamad Zuraimi. Danial joined Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, as an intern in the Group Lifestyle Financing – Strategic Partnerships Cards team.

During his tenure here, Danial showed that he has a positive learning attitude and an eagerness to learn.

He is highly motivated, proactive, and displays great initiative in going beyond his areas of work to assist the team in other aspects.

Working well with everyone in the team, he is a great team player and an asset to the team. Danial is able to work independently and is a fast learner. He was tasked to create a training video for a cohort of > 2k sales agents and he completed the task end-to-end based on his own resources, with minimal guidance. His contribution to the project assigned to him helped increase the number of active sales agents by 134%.

When learning something for the first time, he is able to understand what is required from him and executes the job required quickly. Being adaptable, he also undertook various tasks that required a variety of skills from liaising with external vendors, to being detail-orientated when drafting marketing materials.

Danial has also shown growth during his tenure at OCBC. He is also able to provide constructive inputs for the tasks required and value-adds to the task at hand. He has good communication skills and presents his ideas and thoughts across in a succinct and easily comprehensible manner.

I believe Danial has the right attributes to be a valuable employee to any organization and would restate my recommendation for Danial without reservation. I sincerely hope you will give his application favourable consideration.

– Vice President, OCBC, Gloria Wong

Danial is an extremely driven individual who is determined to do well in everything he set his mind to. During his time in National Service, he was well-liked by his men and never failed to deliver tasks required of him promptly. He often goes beyond his call of duty and is always willing to offer a helping hand to those around him. I believe he will excel in school and in the workforce.

– CPT Wong

Why do you want to run for SMUX MC?

I want to run for MC because of 4 main reasons. Firstly, I want to learn and I believe MC is the best platform for me to do so. Secondly, I truly enjoy being in the SMUX community and therefore wish to serve this community on the management level. Thirdly, SMUX resonates with me the most not just because of the activities but also its values of fun, family and adventure. Lastly, I wish to be part of the team that brings SMUX to greater heights.

Key Contributions in SMUX

Euphorux 2023 Finance Associate

I met Darryl back as a National Cadet Corps (NCC) CCA Leader during my secondary school days, and among the many tasks given to us was to organise, plan and execute a school camp held for the cadets within our unit. This camp was meant to embody the CCA’s adventurous nature and physicality in training, to nurture these same principles in our juniors and prepare them as future leaders of the unit. Naturally, taking on this project as a novice leader was a daunting task, and we sought Darryl’s aid as he was, at the time, the overall Cadet Officer in charge of our unit. He was able to take reference from previous editions of the camp and worked with us to organise a hike along the coasts of Punggol to Coney Island, whilst implementing a series of training ideas and activities which we could utilise in the subsequent days of the camp such as Team Building Challenges and Confidence Building Games. The significance of this project is threefold: In taking heed from past editions of the camp, Darryl displayed the gumption to fall back on reliable training methodologies whilst giving it its necessary adaptations and adjustments to fit our specific training circumstances – A crucial quality in any leader.

Second, in pioneering a series of ingenious training exercises, Darryl demonstrated the rare trait of innovation and ingenuity, and his talent for organising large scale activities that build soft skills and life values. Lastly, his ability to work with his juniors (myself and my team), seeing us not as subordinates but rather team members of equal stature, points to his character as a humble leader willing to work with anyone to achieve mission success.

Beyond this simple project, Darryl and I have also taken on many initiatives that demonstrate his plethora of experience as an excellent leader. When I was building a youth-led organisation that provided free tuition for financially disadvantaged students, Darryl readily offered me advice as to how I could structure my executive committee in a manner that maximises efficiency and ensured that I utilised my own members’ strengths. He was key in suggesting many of the departments required for my organisation to be a success. This further encapsulates his experience in administrative leadership, in effectively running committees that manage large groups of like-minded individuals.

I firmly believe that Darryl is a competent, natural-born leader, equipped with the right philosophies, methods and knowledge in leading large teams. I dare say that I would fail to find any other qualified individual that could take his stead and step into his shoes. If it were my decision to select a leader, Darryl would be my immediate pick.

– Nigel Pang Tun Ray (Friend)

As a friend, he is someone who is approachable, supportive and always be there for his friend. I enrolled into SOE without knowing anyone and I did not participate in any orientation camp. I am glad that I sat beside him during my first statistic class which helped me in adapting well to the new environment. For the past 1 year whenever I need help from him, be it school or personal matters, he will lend a helping hand within his capabilities. Since he is open-minded, he can easily clique well with everybody and take in opinions from others.

Besides all the attributes mentioned above, he always gave his 100% to whatever he is doing. I feel that he is well prepared and capable in completing tasks that he set out for. This can be seen in him when we are working together in the same overseas community service project (OCSP). No doubt he is one of the best in the things he is doing.

Overall, I believe that he has the capabilities, attributes and connections to take up this position. He will push himself to his limit to give his best for SMUX.

– Hui Wen (Friend)

Why do you want to run for SMUX MC?

Despite not joining Euphorux 2022, I was able to find my family in SMUX. I really enjoyed attending team and cbd-level events which led me to think of the mechanics and how I can help to contribute to! I joined SMUX MC as an associate in 2022 and I would say, it is one of the best decision ever. I got to bond and learn from my peers and director which was really cool! Being the chair of Euphorux 2023 also gave me an insight on what it’s like to advocate for SMUX and through the process, I’ve learned so much! I hope to apply these skills and share my joy with the fellow SMU community. Also, definitely taking the chance to step out of comfort zone to learn new skills!

Key Contributions in SMUX

SMUX MC Logs Associate, Chairperson of Euphorux 2023, Helper for welfare drives, SMU open house & Vivace 2033

Wan Jun’s cheerful and friendly disposition is a constant source of positivity and warmth in any setting. She is incredibly outgoing, making people feel at ease in her presence. She takes the initiative to go above and beyond, always eager to embrace new challenges and responsibilities. What sets Wan Jun apart is her love for and passion for outdoor activities, but also her grounded nature. I believe she will bring the team to greater heights with her energy, leadership and strong passion for adventure.


Being friends with Wan Jun for almost a decade, and having seen her grow having worked in jobs with her that require teamwork, I can attest for her strong character. She is hardworking, dedicated, resilient, and organised in the work that she does. She puts great care in planning, organising and executing events or ideas. Take the most recent case, Euphorux, as an example. She poured her heart into her role as the Chairperson, going to lengths to ensure that the event would run smoothly by checking in on her individual committee members’ progress and hurdles, and tapping on her resources and connections to secure sponsorships.

Josabella (Friend)

Why do you want to run for SMUX MC?

In the past AY, I have been actively involved in various leadership roles for multiple events and organisations. During this time, I was faced with many different challenges and suffered almost just as many failures. Although going through all that was not always enjoyable, I feel that I had gained so much from the experience that I feel almost obligated to take on a greater challenge. In doing so I would be able to put my hard-earned abilities to the test, further honing what I have developed over the past AY.

I choose the SMUX MC to be my avenue to do so because of how much the outdoors have aided in me pushing through the difficulties I faced. The outdoor activities I engage in such as wakeboarding or rock climbing have never failed to bring my mind peace in times of stress. As such I would like the opportunity to be able to share this wonderful experience with the students of our school and make their school lives at least just a little more enjoyable.

Key Contributions in SMUX

SMUX MC logistics associate, Euphorux logistics director, vivace

Nabil is a very hard-working individual with a very task-driven attitude. He loves to lead in group projects, is able to push the team in the right direction and delegate work based on his team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, he is an empathetic person, always listening to his peers and understanding situations before charging forward with a solution. Lastly, he is not a quitter (except when he quit smoking this year and hasn’t touched one since), and will persevere through whatever, no matter how tired and beaten he is.

– former Xseed exco member


Nabil served smux mc as a logistic associate. Throughout his journey, he never fails to put in his best effort to ensure that the SMUX assets are handled with care and are all accounted for. He represented SMUX in the asset endorsement meetings and was able to stay firm in getting the assets needed for the various teams under SMUX. He is a very responsible individual who is always able to help out with the logistical duties.

Going beyond her job scope, he also plays a supportive role for the management committee. He is always able to help in any way he can. With his commitment to his role over the past few months, i believer that he is able to bring about a strong impact to the SMUX community.

– SMUX MC VP, Logs D