Your Adventure Starts Here

6 Teams, 1 SMUX


SMUX Biking Team aims to spread the passion and joy of biking to the student population. From our Park Connector Series to our Weekly Road Rides, the only thing you have to do is simply come onboard and join us. You provide the legs! We provide the rides!


SMUX Diving is a community of people who love exploring the ocean through scuba diving. We also aim to spread awareness of ocean conservation through a range of meaningful talks. Whether you are a complete beginner or are an experienced diver, we definitely have a place for you #LiveBreatheBeneath


SMUX Kayaking Team is a group of paddlers that organises numerous water adventure courses which provides a fun experience for outdoor enthusiasts. This includes orientation programmes, exploratory expeditions, whitewater rafting and star proficiency courses. #EveryStrokeCounts


SMUX Skating brings the excitement of urban skating to all students who are interested in skating, regardless of your proficiency in the sport! We aim to promote the inline skating scene in Singapore and grow a vibrant community of skaters in the heart of the city. #NoTaglineJustInline


SMUX Trekking Team aims to bring the beauty of nature and the adrenaline of adventure to the masses by offering a wide variety of trekking-based activities. From the depths of the valleys to the peaks of the mountains, come cultivate ab #AttitudeForAltitude with us!


SMUX Xseed provides students with a platform to venture into various adventure sports. We aim to introduce new and exhilarating activities to the SMU student community – initiating activities like cable skiing and alpine sports. #Xploring Frontier #XcitingAdventures