– Adventure of a lifetime –

What is Euphorux?

A play on the words Euphoria + SMUX, Euphorux is SMUX’s introductory event where freshmen get to experience the exciting activities the 6 SMUX teams have to offer. Our 2 day event will expose them to the 6 activities and to our SMUX family. It is an opportunity for freshmen to develop camaraderie with their new-found peers.


Euphorux 2021 was truly an adventure of a lifetime, itthe 2 days left me worn out but was extremely satisfiedying. The bonds I formed with my groupmates are ones that I hold near and dear to my heart. In the two days I managed to try out 6 extremely different sports and the experience motivated me to join and from there continued with several kayaking activities during the semester. I would highly encourage allthe freshman to come and embark on their SMUX adventure with Euphorux 2022!


Crystal, EUPHORUX 2021 Participant

Wayne Ang

Attending Euphorux 2021 gave me the opportunity to meet new people and try out the various exciting activities under the different SMUX teams. After attending the camp, I decided to pursue my passion for kayaking and have not looked back since!

Wayne Ang, EUPHORUX 202 Participant

Shannon Neo

Genuinely one of the more exciting camps I have been to, I especially enjoyed the biking and the kayaking segment!! However, most of all, I think the people were definitely the highlight of the camp! I was super lucky to have been with grouped with really great ppl and they made the whole experience an extremely enjoyable one :,)) thankful to smux for organising such a memorable camp 🥳🥳

Shannon Neo, EUPHORUX 202 Participant

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Any questions or enquiries? Drop us an email here, or send a message to @euphhoruxorgcomm on telegram!

FAQ 1: What activities will I be doing in Euphorux?

You’ll get a chance to try out the activities of the 6 teams: kayaking, rollerskating, biking, trekking, diving and longboarding(Xseed)

FAQ 2: What is the process of getting a slot for Euphorux?

It is on a first come first serve basis. After you have indicated interest to join Euphorux, we will allocate you into one of the 2 runs before sending you an email. Slots are only confirmed upon payment. Subsequently, you will have to book your WPT and BPT as instructed in the emails. 

FAQ 3: What is WPT and BPT and what if I am unable to pass them?

Water proficiency test (WPT) and Biking proficiency test (BPT) are required for the safety of the participants, if you are unable to pass them, you will still be able to join Euphorux, but will be unable to take part in the activities that would require the WPT (kayaking and diving) and BPT (biking)